Stepping to the Side

Confidence to exercise out gifts so we can learn to speak boldly, courageous, and with complete freedom. God never left you he disciplined you for not using what you could have. Helping each other through struggles, and seeing one another through battles is what fellowship is for. Helping one another follow in the footsteps of Christ the one who paid it all fotr us. Getting paired with another person walking who has older shoes than you. They will teach you so much that you do not even begin to notice the movement. When you look back at where you were you will feel so high off of the energy.

Times we realize what has passed up by, and that was the blessing the whole time. Speaking loudly,to being a witness to the miracles that God has performed before your own eyes.  To request to change lives with anyone would say that you regret living. The miracle of the human body itself is more than a sign of God. Even the mistakes you make are a blessing. Do not disrespect God by telling him that he made a mistake when he made you. Encouraging others to come to Christ is welcome. Do not judge if the decline. They will see with their own eyes the glow of your face puts off, and want what you have.

My past transgressions is what molded me into who I am today. Thankful as I am for the leaders that helped me. Choosing to seek out what they have inside, rather than tangible items that will perish.  Never to think harshly of what your leaders are trying to see you finish the race.

The thorn that was once in your knee appreciate the learning experience it instilled in your heart.  Not letting fear of the pain it once caused you decide your fate. Stepping aside to gain wisdom from it. Confident in believing in what we cannot see right now. Love, and hope gives a deeper affection for we know is to happen. It is better to say nothing that to speak out in words that can be true. Do not be so arrogant, and prideful it causes disruption. Words still be a melody that will  haunt someone’s life. The sacrifices that sting us make for the glory of God will be of equal value for the joyfulness that is to come.

Staying uniform with the world is not something that Christ did when he was on Earth. Making a statement everywhere he went, and to never discard someone. Do not judge someone you have never even had the chance to meet. Not to go out of your way to ever harm someone, and be able to offer solid advice when asked to. Hope is to know that we are secured in our Lord. Paul’s consistent performance proved that he was a man of God, and Word. Righteous with out own faith to recognize where we will carry out our roles to help build the body of Christ.

As promised there will be many who have gone before us to testify that we can make it. Gathering together is a celebration of our victories that we have conquered. Standing next to someone for them to lean on you in a time of despair is fellowship. These are gifts from our Father to express with each other. With leadership there comes great responsibility than can intimidate us. Everyone has they first day of success that can turn into years of mercy, and success.

Even being a bench warmer servers a purpose in life. Our light affliction is an external weight is an exchange for something that we cannot see. Giving relief to an injured player to grant further success. Learning to be patient until the healing process can be sustained. Temporary life will be exchange for something greater moving towards you

By @youthofnations

I hope this helps you in the process. This is geared towards the younger crowd, and I have had my oldest daughters' read through my works to see if this peaked her crowds type, and interest. Yes, I could have not done this on my own. I have been blessed having the Spirit poured into me throughout this transition in my life. I hope some of it is comical, and to be taken not so serious. My youngest daughter's laugh has a real pull on me. Happy Reading.

Thanks for reading, Danielle

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