Ransom of That Chick I Saw

Throughout American history we have heard of the rivalry, family vs. family. None such as dramatic as this one.

1855, a tall yuppie wondered in like a tumble weed. More like the dirt devil! The background that he had come from was a little sketchy, if you will.  Most people who knew him dismissed him abruptly. For crying out loud he was not even permitted by the sheriff to carry a gunslinger. They would beat him with their wooden holed paddles, about his head and shoulders. My, oh my, was he like a toxic compound of waste, and debris! He was smitten over a young native Princess in Potomac, County. She was as beautiful as the mothers before her! The likes of him  to engage into their kind was highly unlikely. The Natives wanted no such part of the white man oppression.  To be sucked into his black abyss is just nonsense!!!

Oh how he daydreamed of belonging to the essence of the culture. Most nights he would creep around in the shadows to get a glimpse of her silhouette in her village. He encountered more than enough times with drawn bows. Of brown colored men that were covered in art that resembled triumphs over territory wars. He longed for the milky hint princess. He always was stunned by her bead work that she she wove into the warriors deer hide chest shields. When he did finally cross paths with her she never looked at his eyes. Fear of unfamiliar feelings that she could not comprehend herself. He pondered, ‘could she actually even like me?’ Never accepting his own background he shunned himself. She is one of the most beautiful supplements to the natives.

Her elders thought she was so unfocused at times when they glared at her. Her sepal enclosed to the colors, and wind of the earth.When will the righteous stamen come to ignite her pistil? Never taking an interest in other men that will do just fine. Defiant, and hard headed is what the elders have summed up. The man who walks with the night has captured her attention. That will never work!!! How would we explain ourselves during our tribal matches? Our warriors train, and work very hard!!! Our chief will never be able to accept this accommodation. She loves him, and that is undeniable.

Potomac County being flooded by the Chickasaw tribe is a mighty strong match for the slim wanderer. Knowing her exact timing of everything that she does. Every day, and night he edges closer, and closer to his objective.  Making sure that they will be alone. Fears of alarming her creep through his head. Visions of her dancing in the fire at night play over, and over again. His perception of her; she owns everything that I want.  Night falls upon a particular evening, when the warriors are at battle again; he finds her at the water washing herself from collecting crops. Alone alas! He startles her.

Drifting to him she sees the nights fire burning in his eyes. ‘What do you want from me?’ she asked.

‘I watch you dance every night, and you are the most precious thing I have ever seen! I want to steal your heart if you will let me?’ (Thinking to himself this was much easier that I had imagined.) This was not going to be an easy task. Her father was her protector, and he has held her back from trying to make contact. Why does it have to be this way!? The whole tribe has be protected!!! He held his breathe the same way he seen her father put his hand out to guard her. ‘I am not going to hurt you. Why are you so shy?’

‘You are just like the rest of the pale faces. You only want to steal our land, to fill your gut.’ quickly she snapped.

What a  harsh reply, and so quickly to respond. Lightheaded, and his eyes begin to see hazy. She is just so precious, and perfect. She will never see herself the way that I see her.

‘No. You do not know me. Grab my hand, and you can go with me. If you do not like it I will bring you back; anytime you want. I will never make you do anything that you do not want to do.’ his words were so soft, and coy. ‘I will even carry you.’ he said laughing.

‘Alright. If you drop me I can never trust you again. This current is much too fast for me to fight. Let’s go.’ she smirked.

By @youthofnations

I hope this helps you in the process. This is geared towards the younger crowd, and I have had my oldest daughters' read through my works to see if this peaked her crowds type, and interest. Yes, I could have not done this on my own. I have been blessed having the Spirit poured into me throughout this transition in my life. I hope some of it is comical, and to be taken not so serious. My youngest daughter's laugh has a real pull on me. Happy Reading.

Thanks for reading, Danielle

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