When the old has returned to the ground, and the fat calf popped. The babes will tie their headbands to their forehead as a sign. Feeling the energy of love that cannot even be seen. Copy me, and repeat the what I am Fording to get you. When the dove returns to you with a twig you will understand.  Gateway is getting tighter, and you will see skinned knuckles. This is a reminder to not repeat. For the Hornets will drive you out of your own home.

Babe, you have had a ram driven into the ground of a concealed promise. The sacrifices that drew together by a covenant. Combines will draw the leagues of where ancestors have set you up on a higher base. The rotten structure has been gutted to be refurbished. Worn down old soles with be cut from the block.

Blood, sweat, tears, traded for a new infrastructure of a plan uniquely designed over time. Check marks that were contracted for delivery. Things that will continue to go in a circle. Not to be dared to lay a hand of ill-willed intentions on your brother. Making sure that horizontal, and vertical lines are equal.  Fall harvest to begin reaping the return of works in the Spring.


By @youthofnations

I hope this helps you in the process. This is geared towards the younger crowd, and I have had my oldest daughters' read through my works to see if this peaked her crowds type, and interest. Yes, I could have not done this on my own. I have been blessed having the Spirit poured into me throughout this transition in my life. I hope some of it is comical, and to be taken not so serious. My youngest daughter's laugh has a real pull on me. Happy Reading.

Thanks for reading, Danielle

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