Sitting at the kitchen table with his arms crossed, and eyes rolled. Kevin was crabby over his incident with the neighbors. He was  caught red handed stealing mail by the elementary school. His mother had punished him for acting out for not getting his way. He was told to wait until his birthday for a new game console. He decided to take matters into his own hands. Foolishly it had backfired in his face.

Mentally he was processing his next move of attack. The neighbor’s cat with two different colored eyes had always annoyed him. Next door to where he, and his mother had lived there was an elderly couple who rarely got visits. This house was not going to become his little ‘jail’. His mother tried to ground him, but being very rebellious he refused to listen. Well when she was not there he wasn’t going to. He quietly tip toed over to the elderly couples house. To find that fat lazy Tom cat perched on the front porch. Immediately Kevin thought, that cat is not minding his business like everyone thinks. He is waiting for his next move. Let me be the one to disrupt his little scheme. Plan of attack in operation.

Gingerly hidden behind the mask of bushes his pockets where loaded with ammunition.  Loud cry of ‘Fire on deck!’. Swing, and a miss. The cat shrieked, and withdrew from the crazed little mans presence. Thoughts of defeat plunged his little heart. ‘I cannot believe that cat knows I am coming’. Kevin’s mom will be returning from work soon enough so he hurriedly scoots over to his house. As soon as he enters the place headlights reflect off of the ceiling. Scurrying off to his bedroom he yelps over the sting of the Lego that wounded the arch in his foot. Dramatically falling to the ground his mom shuts the front door.

‘Kevin!’ yells Kevin’s mom.

What. I just hurt myself.’ cries out Kevin.

‘Your school called me at work today.’ Kevin’s mom states.

‘What? No they did not!’ pleas Kevin

‘Oh really? Come here please!’ mom responds.

‘Mom this was the worst day ever!!! replies Kevin.

‘Heard that before. At least you are consistent with your drama young man.’ said Kevin’s mom.

Thinking of his slipping grades in the back of his head. His attitude shifts into drama king to gain sympathy from his mother. She of course knows that he is a little whiner so she tries to tolerate him ignoring what is really the main topic.

‘Apparently, you are in a mess over your grades. Can you tell me why you are getting in school suspension?’ says Kevin’s mom.

‘Mom… How would I know. They pick on me.’ said Kevin.

‘For no reason I was called today by your principal? Out of his busy day he decides to call me to pick on you?’ said Kevin’s mom.

‘Mom you have no idea what I have to go through there.’ cries Kevin.

‘Homework, bath, room. You know what this means Kev.’ mom regretfully says.

Back to the starting line. He digs out his school books, and hides his pouting face behind his math book.  Book standing erect on the table his mom ignores his pleas for help now. His little ‘hood’ act gets on the staph’s nerves at school. His mom regrets buying the uniform to get picked on, but she says nothing. His choice to wear shorts that look like pedal pushers. Then there is the faux leather wallet with a chain. Being in the fourth grade he is allowed to do as he wishes. Getting picked on is his choice. It is her job to guide him into being a young man. This is the way he chooses to express himself.

Much into adulthood he will understand why his mother let him pick his own life out. Trusting her own instinct to let him engrave his own fate. These little baby steps that he is taking now will fold the creases. Once the creases have been made they will never completely go away. You can try to straighten them out, but you will know where something had begun. His disgruntled moods with his mom where never discolored. The give, and take between mother, and son. Correcting her son was her objective. Not to control his outcome.

By @youthofnations

I hope this helps you in the process. This is geared towards the younger crowd, and I have had my oldest daughters' read through my works to see if this peaked her crowds type, and interest. Yes, I could have not done this on my own. I have been blessed having the Spirit poured into me throughout this transition in my life. I hope some of it is comical, and to be taken not so serious. My youngest daughter's laugh has a real pull on me. Happy Reading.

Thanks for reading, Danielle

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